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Posted by NOLNIR - 1 month ago

EDIT 24.26.6 So my Patreon page got flagged as 18+ only. I don't post adult content there and probably never will (their guidelines are way too restrictive...lol).

I dusted off the old page and crossposted everything I could dig up from ko-fi there. If ko-fi ain't your thing/isn't accessible for you, I got a Patreon page now. You'll still have to choose between my Gumroad page and Ko-fi page for brush purchases though. Can't help that Patreon swipes so many fees from its users lmao.



And I guess... an update? I've been deep in joining collabs lately... hit me up if you think I'd want to be part of your collab idea. Thanks


Posted by NOLNIR - May 20th, 2024

I've decided to stop streaming, stop taking commissions and stop hosting a discord server. It was fun while it lasted! Upwards and onwards to other things now. 💪🥲

My Twitch channel will remain up for archiving purposes, of course.


Posted by NOLNIR - March 29th, 2024

It's only been 3 months and this year has already been a wild ride for me.

So here's a.. summary?? (not really, it's long.)

I made a game for a class final assignment. It's text-based, but I want to clean it up and add graphics. Alpha release (text-based ver) will be available for download for those who have subbed to my Twitch and are in my discord server or are part of my membership club over on Ko-fi. I'm working on a beta but can't decide on whether I'll use an engine or go feral and code from scratch... either way, look at this:


I'm working on a compilation book for my 2021/2022 bunny prints. I'm also including new stuff and some notes. It'll release digitally first.iu_1181812_7558504.webp

I post wayyyy more frequently over on ko-fi. People who are part of my membership club get to see what I'm currently working on while public posts aren't really anything long term work.

Speaking of posting more, I'm trying to record more for YouTube. I uploaded a new video just last week. I don't talk, I just draw.

To be quite honest, I got lost in the sauce of life, and slept away a lot of my downtime. I don't regret it because I needed it, but there's a point where if I don't stop sleeping away my down time, it'll become all I do.

Well... I'm up now... I'm up 🥱😔


Posted by NOLNIR - January 7th, 2024

Yup, over on Ko-fi and Gumroad.

I'll have a bunch of other digital stuff for sale on both shops a little later...



Posted by NOLNIR - January 6th, 2024


I still get questions about certain things very frequently so here's a catch-all FAQ!

Q:What program do you use to make your stuff?

A: Clip Studio Paint ver 1x for illustrations, animations and vector art-related stuff (fonts, logos, brushes). KDenlive and Capcut for video editing.

Q: What're your brush settin-

A: Just download this.

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Not anymore, sorry!

Q: Do you want to collab/be part of my collab?

A: Feel free to message me the details here on NG. Don't use my email for this.

Follow up: What about being part of my long term project?

A: Depends. If it's paid work, email me. If it's a passion project, message me here on NG.

Q: Love what you do! How can I support you?

A: Hey, a follow+commenting+liking my work is good enough...But if you're talking about tipping me? Check out my Ko-fi or Gumroad. I sell digital goods there for pretty low prices. You can also tip me on Ko-fi if you're not interested in buying stuff.

Q: Can I use your artwork for personal stuff? Profile pic/Profile banner/Phone BG/ etc. etc.

A: Sure. If you're using it on your profile, be sure to credit me. Just don't print my works, even if it's for personal usage.

Q: Any art tips?

A: Just draw what you love and learn to draw it well. You'll get better from there....Oh and the price tag of the tools you use doesn't matter, it won't make you a better artist blasting thousands on a pen+tablet.

Q: How long have you been drawing for?

A: It's the cliche answer, I'll tell you that... but I started freelancing right out of high school.


Posted by NOLNIR - December 17th, 2023


My website's birthday is December 18th, specifically it's 9th anniversary. A lot of things are getting updated but the biggest updates are:

  • My YouTube channel's projection into a new direction. VODs from Twitch will no longer be reuploaded to YouTube following the anniversary stream.
  • My portfolio website will be live again. Meaning I'm taking inquiries for commissions year-round regardless. If I have a "commission opening" it's either a special rate, guaranteed delivery date or experimental option I've never offered to clients before. The new website will go live December 18th @ 5p EST
  • NOLNIR is going into v4 with a brand new website design.
  • Milkyway Shoppe, the brand new digital/physical merch shop I'm working on is starting over on my Ko-fi page. The shop is projected to be live sometime in 2024 Q1. Brush packs will be available on the shop starting December 18th @ 5p EST.


  • My streaming assets are getting updated. Tune into the anniversary stream on December 18th @ 5p EST to see these updates.

That's all for now... I'll continue to upload stuff here like always. Thanks for all the votes, faves, comments, follows. I really appreciate it! Hopefully I'll have more time to reply to people in the future.


Posted by NOLNIR - November 18th, 2023

Yup, I'm open for commissions again. Please check the link below for all the information + form.

The form stays open until November 20th @ 2p EST. If you don't have either email or discord as a contact method, feel free to put a link to your NG profile instead.

Commission Info + Form



Posted by NOLNIR - November 16th, 2023

Yeeaaah I'mma take 2 illustration commissions for this opening. All commissions are guaranteed to be delivered no later than December 20th 2023. Commissions open up on November 18th @ 2pm EST. Check the link below for more info + examples:

NOLNIR's Commission Info Fall 2023


Posted by NOLNIR - October 17th, 2023

It's been a long time since I last uploaded anything here lmao. Anyways I'm back to being active online.

I've been streaming quite regularly on Twitch and uploading the stream VODs onto YouTube. I've also cleaned up my Ko-fi where I've been making regular posts with doodles, finished works and all other kind of stuff.

I'll only upload finished works/commissions here.



Posted by NOLNIR - May 20th, 2023

Yup, you can now inquire about work from me! All the info is here!